Content Services

Whether you're embarking on a new content marketing journey, or looking for ways to correct an approach that's gone a little off track, Fox Content can help. I offer strategic and tactical content consulting as well as in-the-trenches execution via writing and editing.

Content Audit

A thorough audit of existing content reveals gaps in your inventory, provides examples of successful content, and guides future production. Audits are a key first step in crafting an effective content strategy.

Content Strategy

I use an agile approach to content strategy that includes creating audience personas, charting their journey from awareness through conversion, and then mapping content onto that journey.

Content Creation

With over 200 articles published last year alone, I'm an expert at rapid content production that never sacrifices quality. From 750 word blog posts to multi-chapter ebooks, writing is my ultimate passion.

Why Fox Content?

Why Fox Content?

As an English major turned digital marketer, I combine an Oxford writer's instinct with marketing savvy honed by years of experience. An unremarkable listicle or run-of-the-mill press release isn't really my style. I specialize in getting the heart of a piece of content, then laying it bear with gutsy, honest prose.

If you're after something average, you're in the wrong place.

Our Team

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Albert Jacobs
Albert Jacobs
Founder & CEO
Tonya Garcia
Tonya Garcia
Account Manager
Linda Guthrie
Linda Guthrie
Business Development

Happy Customers

Nothing makes people happier than awesome content delivered on time.

"Content Marketing
is the only marketing left."
- Seth Godin

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